Micro Mini Story 002… (Gloomy Thursday vol.1)

Jake steps in the dorm very tired and have a very dark ring around his eyes.  He has been awake now for 16 hours straight with all his due papers.  He put his bad on his table and took out his laptop and places it on his bed.  His roommate on the other table asks if he would be taking a nap that afternoon without glancing at Jake.

“No, I still have this shitty deadline due at 4 pm.”

“Well, you still have 4 more hours.  Long enough to save the world; you had some lunch already?”  The roommate looks Jake while scratching his balls.

“Yeah, yeah I had—“

Jake’s roommate stood-up and took the key from Jake’s table and went to the door if he needed anything and took off the room without waiting for an answer.

“A gun” Jake replied while typing on his laptop alone.


Jake’s roommate arrived approximately 45 minutes after he left the room.  Jake wasn’t inside the room.  He immediately knows someone has been smoking inside the room, the aroma of the cigarette is spanking new for the room as he and other roommates “banned” smoking inside the room.

“What the fuck Jake?”  He saw the smoke on an ash tray in Jake’s bed, but Jake isn’t around.

The roommate took the cigarette and smudges it on the ash tray while cursing.  He heard a minute sound coming from an iPod earphones attached to Jake’s laptop.  The roommate holds the left earphone parallel to his right without putting it on.  He was surprise to hear a very “old-ish” coming from the Jake’s music that always prefer listening to a more upbeat music.  He checked the laptop for title and artist of the music; it is “Paul Robeson – Gloomy Sunday.”

The door swung open and a chubby 6 foot dorm mate shouted “Jake fucking jumped-off Van’s window.”

The roommate becomes really clammy and immediately run off the room.

~ by hualda on February 17, 2010.

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